Romantic Dinner

To a romantic dinner at Aton

Restaurant Aton is known as a place that provides a romantic ambience at reasonable prices. Spend a wonderful date with your love and enjoy the current level of service.
Restaurant Aton is attentive to arrange your romantic date in the best way with a special menu, theme live music, smiling and friendly staff, and prices. The whole world would become cheerful and in prospect as you realize how much you love your sweetheart. We will gladly help you to realize it. It is the privacy that prevails in the restaurant, you may rest assure that a waiter will be unobtrusive while serving round. Do-it-yourself romantic atmosphere often causes inconvenience and sometimes has imperfections, whereas our restaurant is sure to serve the guests on the highest level.

Convenient location of Aton will help you to avoid late coming and delay. A local nature is merely charming. Let us brighten up your precious relationship with quality service and pleasant atmosphere.