Restaurant “Aton”

Quality of meals is one of the most important things. That’s why we attend to our restaurant as much as to the hotel.
After visiting restaurant Aton at least once, youll definitely become its patron. Created here atmosphere and cuisine totally correspond to the assigned appraisal of five-stars to our hotel complex Aton – its quite difficult to find a restaurant in Krasnodar that wont pale beside our restaurant.
We offer you the best dishes of European cuisine! There are culinary masterpieces in the menu: hot and cold snacks, different kind of soup and salad, hot plates with fish and meat, pasta, various garnishes and of course wide choice of desserts.
Each dish in our assortment is a masterpiece of skilled chief cook, who is the real specialist. He uses only fresh and high-quality products and as if by magic turns it to viands, which regular impress the guests of our restaurant, delighting even the most sophisticated connoisseurs. Oyster White pearl, carpaccio of octopus with arugula, fettuccine with ceps, Pomeranian duck with pear Mulled wine just the titles of dishes, which are presented in our menu, tempt the appetite and call on to prize culinary extravagances of cook Aton. Visiting our restaurant you not only satisfy your hunger but also get the opportunity to enjoy dainty flavors and magic odor of culinary masterpieces.
At the same time we pay attention to creating the atmosphere that will dispose you as much as possible to pleasant pastime. Having become the guest of restaurant Aton you find yourself in a place where you can totally relax and be distracted from permanent problems, which the life of business man is full with. This opportunity is afforded by not every restaurant; its hardly possible to find a place in Krasnodar as comfortable as hall Aton. Delicate colors predominate in decoration of ceiling and walls of restaurant, which tone entirely with bright leather covering of comfortable seats and rich coloration of floor-covering. This combination, which is made by high-skilled decorators, immediately reminds of luxurious interiors of East, which are since long ago considered to be the symbols of comfort. The effect is emphasized with Egyptian motifs which are used in the painting of ceiling, and also with various columns, statues and elements of molding.
And of course we always remember that everything in restaurant Aton is assigned to maximal effective service for our clients. In this sense we try to create the atmosphere in our restaurant like in a magic fairy-tale, where magician-waiters quickly and gracefully will make all your dreams to come true. An order has just been made but hot plates are already on your table and they excite you with its smell, and the best wines full your glasses. The thing that makes us to be proud is that the service stays sluggish despite being so efficient. You can make yourself at home. Nothing will bother you until you wish it.
Not every restaurant in Krasnodar affords such wide opportunities as Aton does for organizing various activities from romantic nights to crowded banquets. Cant you decide where to invite your gem? Do you want to be 100% sure that evening will be perfect? We are waiting for you in the hall of restaurant Aton. Wide variety of dainty dishes and rich wine list will make your dinner to be unforgettable, and elegant furniture of restaurant complements the atmosphere of romantic date.
If you are at a fault where to organize a great banquet celebration of anniversary, corporate party, wedding celebration etc. its really hard to find better choice than restaurant Aton. In the hall of our restaurant every party will be held at the highest level, itll be remembered by your guests with its wonderful cuisine and high-class service.
Apart from it we should mention about entertainment programs, which are organized by restaurant Aton on high days and holidays. We use professional skills in any aspect of our work, trying to except bored platitudes. In our restaurant there are performances of variety show and ballets, illusionists and artists of original genre, soloists and groups of performers, whose acts are coordinated by professional hosts. Well gift you magnificent show, thatll be in full deserving your attention, due to professional audio and light equipment our artist can work with maximal comfort showing to spectators their impressive talents from all sides.
At the same time restaurant Aton offers you additional service for organizing unique program of entertainment, which contains making an individual scenario. Skilled specialists will work on planning of your party, who are leaded by highly skilled art director. We dispose of huge 235squre meters hall, which permits to Aton having under 78 guests, crush doesnt belong in a celebration! Holiday can be filmed and photographed on photo- or video sessions, which are held by professional photographers by means of the most modern equipment. Bright and qualitative pictures will make it possible to bring back happy moments spent in our restaurant. Entertainment program is completed with showy and colorful fireworks.
We always wait for your call or visit. Luxury of one of the best restaurants in Krasnodar, culinary masterpieces of European cuisine and, of course, unique atmosphere of elite club all this stuff is intended for you.