Cold appetizers
Assorted meat dishes 30/30/30/30/30
(salchichon sausage with truffles, salami, "Milano" salami "Napoli" carbonate "lomo Khabug" jamon Iberico "noblantsa")
Assorted fish 200/10/55
trout, eel, Siberian salmon, Escolar
Assorted cheeses 150/185/40
(Gorgonzola, Pecorino Romano, Taled
Spanish Jam 50
Beef Tartar 140/60
Carpaccio of veal with mushrooms 90/50
Tuna Tartar 150/20/25
seasoned with special way
Carpaccio of salmon and tuna 100/50
Sea bass Carpaccio of tuna with grapefruit and orange 210
Own Ambassador 100
(cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, eggplant, carrot)

Crab Salad 225/10
with cherry tomatoes and original seasoning
Seafood salad 250
Scallop, shrimp, salmon, salad
Warm salad of the medial 200
with avocado and cherry tomatoes
Warm salad of Octopus 240
with potatoes and olives "Tod
Mozzarella salad 100/120/30
with tomatoes and Tiger prawns
Duck breast salad with Magret 170
with mixed salad leaves, berries and sauce Porto
Caesar Salad 260
with chicken fillet and garlicky croutons
Caesar Salad 300
Tiger shrimps, garlicky croutons
Salad Greek 350
with cheese "Feta", juicy tomatoes and Greek olivami

Hot snacks
Tiger prawns in creamy sauce 130/80/50
with wild rice
Fried foie gras 80/160
Fried foie gras 80/160
with ginger-karamelevym sauce
Grilled Octopus 80/50/10
Mussels in white wine 260
Deep fried mullet, with salatnymi leaves 100/45/30
Snails, baked in 85/50/20

Spaghetti "Balon 320
Tal 300
Fettuccini with porcini 270
Risotto with mushrooms and Parmesan cheese 280

Soup from seafoods 350
Soup from Lamp with vegetables 350/50
Pure soup with ceps 300
Toscana clean soup with ceps 300
Russian cold soup Okroshka 400
Spanish soup Gaspacho 400

Main courses of fish
Black Cod fillet 270
Garnished with baked vegetables and asparagus
Grilled Chilean Seabas fillet 260
Served with boiled vegatables
Seabas with rukkola and spinach 300
Under sauce from an asparagus
Salmon stake garnished with broccoli pure 120/150/30

Main courses of meat
Marble beef with mushrooms 190/55/35
Served with original sauce
Brisket of Young Veal 250/120/100
Garnished with Boiled Vegetables and Mushroom- Cream Sauce
Poust beef as a medallion shape 180/90/45
Served with fried potatoes and lightly cheese sauce
Veal cheeks braised in wine 140/130/50
Served with baked vegetables
Brisket of Lamb 140/195/50
Garnished with Fried Potatoes and Thinly Cut Mushrooms
Duck with a pear Mulled wine 250/170/35
Garnished with Puree, Brussels sprouts and orange jam
Bœuf Stroganoff 200/80/20
Served with potato gratin

Dishes on the grill
Fish and seafood
Plato from seafoods 650/200
(king prawns, scallops, mussels, octopus, squids)
Black Code Fillet 100 g
Chilean Seabas Fillet 100 g
Seabas Fillet 100 g
Scallops 100/30/20
T-bone marble beef stake 100 g
Rib Eye marble beef stake 100 g

Apple strudel with vanilla sauce 300/100/35
Apple pie from the puff dough 155/50/20
Cheesecake 130/10
Classical cheese cake with confectioneries cheese Philadelphia
Tiramisu with cheese Mascarpone 130/20
Chocolate pie with chocolate ice-cream 110/35/20
"Melfey" from the test with cheese Mascarpone 115/15
Panna Kotta 160/15
The dairy-creamy jelly moves with crimson and mango sauces