Lobby Bar

Lobby-bar in Krasnodar – it’s a choice of businessman.

Of course there is a big amount of different bars in Krasnodar as well as in other metabolizes. They have rich menus and full of original designers decisions, gladden with various music. Although, despite all this variety, all bars are united with one general quality: they dont do for businessmen.
Lobby-bar of hotel “Aton” was created for men of business, who appreciate their time and status. Of course, it was quite difficult to make our ideas real to make our bar being really popular among businessmen, it required to define exactly all needs and desires of our clients and see to satisfying them. We were succeeded in solving this problem today the bar Aton doesnt have analogs, being almost the only one business bar in Krasnodar.
Of course, the main difference on which depend all other particularities of lobby bar Aton is the clients group we aim at. We are absolutely sure that imposing people need imposing surroundings and the highest level of service its as naturally as the fact that flawless diamond needs to be set in gem. Our lobby-bar totally corresponds to high status of its clients, confirming five-star status of hotel-complex Aton.
Long since bars rarely bring delight with their interior. They surprise - yes, its possible; shock can be sometimes; but bring delight…It can be explained a lot of bars focus on the customers who dont need luxurious interior. But lobby-bar Aton opens its doors for totally different people; that means
Magnificent Egyptian decoration of accommodation consists of stone sphinxes, wall paintings with heroes of historical legends, typical for Egypt geometrical sizes and forms. The atmosphere of luxury in which had been living perfect Cleopatra is emphasized with wall lamps and luxurious chandeliers. After entering lobby-bar Aton you find yourself in recreation zone which deserves having such visitor as you are.
The biggest bars are noisy entertainment places which are for heavy and uninhibited rest. Loud music, constantly changing lightning, loud talks, conflicts Lobby-bar of hotel-complex Aton suggests something absolutely different from that. We try to create calm and comfortable atmosphere, which is favorable for good rest. In ours you can relax in a company of near and dear people, holding in hands glass of wine, have a rest looking through newspaper and drinking cup of coffee or just spend some hours enjoying the calmness. If its necessary well make all conditions so you could work with important papers or, for example, having commercial talks.
Apart from that we should mention about our attitude to time. Time is the most valuable thing a person nowadays has. Sometimes its exactly the time that we lack so to have a rest and relax tempo of modern life requires of deep attention to many things which make us to put off the break. Statistics say that successful businessman doesnt visit bars cause of not having free time for that. We did everything so you could more often visit lobby-bar without checking every minute on your watch while waiting for the order you made. Aton offers you something that other bars can offer quite rarely qualified staff that appreciate every minute of your free time. We provide with as much as possible efficient but at the same time not annoying service, which will make it possible for you to enjoy every free minute you have esteeming delicious snacks, wonderful music or wine list. Possibly you will have to work even in bar affairs in business cant be put off, and in this case well do everything so you could work in the most comfortable atmosphere.
One of the other advantages of lobby-bar is that its situated on the territory of our complex, it means very near to others parts of our complex. Professional billiard club, modern sauna, luxurious restaurant are really near to bar. At any time you can continue your evening playing billiard with friends, going to sauna so to relax after hard days work, or you can spend time tasting delicious dishes of European cuisine, which are presented in menu of our restaurant.
You are always welcome in the bar Aton. We put big attention to the training of our staff. Administrators of Aton are sure that there is no place for carelessness and simulated politeness in the sphere of service to provide European level of service, its necessary to treat every client with respect and comprehension. Staff of bar Aton are always eager to help you in solving problems and answering your questions making our employer a request you can be sure that well be as much as possible attentive in helping you.
Bar Aton was created for businessmen by people of business. You are always welcome visitor in our bar no matter for how long and for what purpose you come. You come just for 5 minutes to have a cup of coffee or you want to spend pleasant evening with friends, or you need to work quietly well provide ideal conditions for you.
You are welcome! Bar Aton