Billiard club

Billiard club for professionals and amateurs in Krasnodar.

Billiard is… it’s quite difficult to give unambiguous definition. On the one hand its a sport. Dynamic, exciting and very attractive! When professionals get together at a green cloth, its quite difficult to stop looking at their play. Billiard is gambling, it requires of sportsman purposefulness, self-control, insight, ability of making a decision quickly and seeing all probabilities. On the other part, its a rest. Nowadays many people prefer to spend time with billiard cue forgetting about everything despite necessity to drive a ball in. Thirdly, billiard is a business. Over the green cloth emotions and interests get together, deep passions are aroused, amiability is created. Usually quite wealth people play billiard, so while playing they discuss important business matters.
Its quite difficult to give a definite answer on question “What is billiard?” Everyone finds in this intellectual and dynamic game something special. Although we can give a definite answer on the question Whats billiard in club Aton? None billiard club in Krasnodar can be compared with our club neither by equipment nor by quality of service. Getting five stars – the highest mark that can have hotel-complex; we do everything to justify this high status. Billiard club Aton was done so everyone could feel comfortable in its halls: real professionals of this game as well as amateurs of having a rest with cue in hands. Club Aton is undoubtedly elite billiard establishment, which is assigned for the highest classes of society.
Popularity of billiard is growing year after year this aristocratic game carries all before one. Unsurprisingly, the amount of people in Krasnodar who would like to play this game is growing year by year. That means real amateurs of this sport are no longer satisfied with grade of service which billiard clubs can give. Mastery is growing so requirements for clubs are growing as well.
We offer you really perfect conditions, merited for real masters. In the hall of billiard club Aton professional 12 feet long tables are installed, which are intended for playing Russian billiard. Tables are covered with high-quality cloth, which totally meets international standards. Being a client of our club, you have possibility to play Russian billiard on the billiard cloths which do even for champions of this game.
Although we dont forget that playing is not the only reason to come in billiard clubs. In between the breaks, you can have a comfortable rest with a glass of favorite drink, chatting with your friends, having commercial talks in a favorable atmosphere or just being alone and relaxing after hard days work. Well create all conditions so that you could spend your pastime the way you wish.
Among advantages of recreation zone of billiard club Aton
• Elegant Italian furniture is from key worlds companies. Comfort of our clients is our paramount goal, and we did everything to achieve it. Quality of this furniture guarantees that youll have a rest with maximum comfort and will get 100% relaxation;
Modern acoustic system Aton will give you possibility to enjoy your favorite music in a perfect quality. You can choose any melodies you want rich sound library permits you to make playlist that will totally respond to your preferences;
There are plasma panels in recreation zone of billiard club, there in live broadcast important events of worlds sport life are shown. Youll always keep abreast of the latest events and achievements.
We offer high-class service for clients of our billiard club, which totally deserves the five-star mark of quality of hotel-complex. You can make an order for any presented in menu Aton dishes without leaving a club, so that without stopping a game. Delicious food of European cuisine, which is cooked by our chief cook, will be delivered in the club, and the time of waiting your order is a little bit longer then ordering it in the restaurant. Besides that we offer you grand bar with a rich list of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for stilling your thirst and for brightening slow chat with friends.
Normally we attend big attention to the training of staff. Every employer of billiard club Aton at any time is ready to help you in solving any of your problems. Well create an atmosphere you would like, will give any information about rules and particularities of billiard, will find worthy playfellow. There is no place for gloomy faces and forced smiles in the hotel-complex Aton, every employer of our billiard club is really interested in solving all your problems and making your staying in our complex as much as possible pleasant.
Other advantage of billiard club Aton is that its situated on the territory of our hotel-complex very near to sauna, restaurant and bar. You can change your activity at any time to come in bars atmosphere that is favorable for talking, to relax in sauna of our bathing complex, to have a business dinner or romantic date in our restaurant. And of course, delighted to be of service to you comfortable suites of hotel Aton, where you could have a nice rest after a hard days work.
Billiard club Aton you are welcome!