Bath complex

Bathing complex in Krasnodar.

Every sauna and bathhouse in Krasnodar has its particularities. Some bathhouses have nice steam rooms, some – have good pools. All saunas and bathhouses, which go by reputable clients’ needs, offer its visitors some range of drinks and meals. And bathing-complex “Aton” has all advantages mentioned above, its considered to be one of the best saunas in Krasnodar. Due to unique combination of certain characteristics, bathing complex Aton has growing popularity among men of business.
The main mode of our sauna is providing the maximal comfort for all our clients. Cold floor near pool, uncomfortable furniture and wrong temperature in steam room all these small and always spoiling the rest things arent met in our bathing complex Aton. We can proudly say that we made our sauna to be very near to ideal, we took into consideration all moments and small details, which make it possible to create all conditions for really comfortable rest:
• The classical tones, which help to create atmosphere of relaxation, dominate in designers decision chosen for interiors of sauna Aton.
In recreation area as well as in steam room urging on relaxation and pleasant music play. Some time ago there were no possibilities to install acoustic system in areas of high humidity and temperature, although modern technologies helped to realize this pleasant detail. Bathing complex Aton is equipped with acoustic system SoundCraft, which perfectly works even in steam room without any defects of sound;
Floors of sauna Aton are covered with granite slab created for accommodations with high humidity. Unlike tile which is still used in the most saunas (its cold and slick, this material could hardly be called a good choice), this tablet has wonderful antiskid property, and installed in our sauna floor warming system keep the surface of tablet in dry condition.
Heart of every bathing complex is the steam room. The condition of steam room plays the main role in choosing sauna in Krasnodar, and actually everywhere. The reason of it is the next a lot of people visit steam rooms not just for entertaining but for keeping healthy and strengthening immunity as well. The steam room of bathing complex Aton is projected by skilled professionals, who took into consideration all niceties and details of this sphere.
The other thing we could be proud of is that bathing complex Aton from the very begging of its running refused to use chemical substances for cleaning water in pool. Its normal thing to wish, because every person wishes to see as clear as crystal water, which is fresh and makes people to feel like plunging into it, and not just feeling the acrid smell of chlorine water. To clean the water in bathing complex Aton we use modern technologies which are based on the use of hydrolysis. It permits us to save water in pool absolutely clear without adding any substances. Besides clear water the pool of our bathhouse attracts with its considerable size and wonderful decorative waterfall. In accordance with your desire the temperature in pool can vary from 17 to 30°C, it could be changed in no more than half an hour due to specific automation. Moreover the font with hot water is also at your service.
As a rule, clients of bathing complexes want not only take a steam bath and swim in the pool, but also relax in a comfortable recreation area. In the bathing complex of hotel Aton everything is provided for making your rest really comfortable:
Luxurious furniture of Italian manufacturer factory Mascheroni. Masterpieces of the master of this brand will doubtless bring you pleasant impressions about its design and functionality;
Huge plasma panel will give you possibility to enjoy watching your favorite movie in HD-quality;
Modern acoustic system will permit you to enjoy your favorite musical tracks chosen from our large audio library, and if you wish you can sing them in Karaoke.
Another very important advantage of our bathing complex is its magnificent cuisine. Everyone knows that bathing procedures stimulate appetite, so its necessary to care beforehand how to satisfy your hunger. Chief cook of restaurant Aton offers you exclusive menu, which is based on the most popular dishes of Russian cuisine. The dishes will be delivered in the recreation area, and the time of waiting will be just in few minutes longer than if you make an order sitting in restaurant. It goes without saying that youll be offered the list of drinks which encloses rich wine list.
The staff of bathing complex Aton with great pleasure will answer all your questions, help you to solve all your problems and will do everything so you could stay totally satisfied with the time you had in our complex.